The general objective of the organization is to provide caring and creating a home for orphans with a stable family unit including siblings, surrogate parents, care givers and strong community ties.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES                                

  1. To explore and address various economical, spiritual, emotional and psychological challenges facing orphans.
  2. To discover opportunities available in Tanzania and observe how they can be utilized to ensure they are beneficial to the poor families and help the needs.
  3. To link different orphans and orphanage groups and seek their views towards orphans the way forward, through calling seminars, outreach programmed intentionally for visiting other groups and centers of orphans.
  4. To provide platform where the orphans will be raised, protected and cared for the fulfillment of their future dreams and goals.
  5. To create good and strong generation that will bring positive revolution in the future through capacity building and mindset transformation through providing education and good health services.
  6. To provide health education to the family members and communities as the way of transforming traditional beliefs among the societies through preparing seminars which will educate people about family planning, family conflict solving, entrepreneurship and reducing family divorce.
  7. To collaborate with main stakeholders and shareholders on improving the social services to the orphans.