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As LOCARICH we believe that every child deserves a bright future and among the things that can help this child attain its bright future is education. In Tanzania education rights are not met enough to all the children. Many children are deprived of this right because they come from poor households, due to death of their parents, abondomernment and cultural beliefs. Seventy four percent 74% of all Tanzanian children live in multidimensional poverty, using a nationally agreed cut-off threshold of being deprived in 3 or more dimensions, while 29% live in households below the monetary poverty line. Deprivation and poverty rates are highest among children (5-13) and (14-17) years of age (UNICEF 2016) Due to that statistics LOCARICH Orphanage Organization with the help of Donors we offer academic support to admitted orphans on the following area: Basic school requirement, e.g school fees, Books and exercise books, soap, pen and pencils, rulers, school bags, shoes, school uniform e.t.c and all this are given to the orphan, depending on the level of education she/he is attaining at a time eg. Nursery, Primary and Secondary level.

All the above mentioned needs are provided on the beginning of the study year, at middle of the term and in emergency.