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About Locarich Orphanage

LOCARICH is a non-profit organization established under the LOCARICH Board of Trustees aimed at contributing value to the society by reaching out to orphan and homeless children throughout the United Republic of Tanzania.

LOCARICH dedicates its resources at enhancing the socio-economic and spiritual upbringing of orphans in Tanzania with collaboration with Governmental and non-governmental organizations.

LOCARICH has fulfilled and undertakes any further fulfillment of legal requirements to operate in United Republic of Tanzania and, as a legal entity it shall have its full autonomy under the independent decision board of trustees.

The organization envisions at caring and creating homes for orphans with a stable family unit including siblings, surrogate parents, care givers and strong community ties.

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To help orphan’s children reach their potential through family-centered around the region to actively address important public health and educational issues adversely affecting youth and families so as for them to become productive member of the society.